Tracking your assets has never been easier!

RZR-1230 - Weatherproof SxS, Motorcycle, ATV, Boat, Heavy Equipment Tracker, Race Car

This waterproof IP67 rated  All-weather GPS tracker is an ideal solution for any side by side, boat, motorcycle, ATV, trailers, heavy equipment. Track anything with a constant 12V or 24V power source with a simple 2 wire install. (12v+ & ground)

This device has a built in back-up battery if tampered with or disconnected from the battery source. This battery will charge when the vehicle is turned on. It will also text(SMS) and email you if its been disconnected or Tampered with. Be alerted if the battery on your vehicle drops below 11.4 volts!

Users can setup up to 10 Geo-fences and be notified if this vehicle leave or enters the zone.  Geo-fences can be over layed on each other to notify multiple users of possible theft!

With unlimited locates, text(SMS), emails & alerts its hard to beat our price!

GPS tracking device is waterproof and weatherprooof. This device exceeds mil spec standards for shock and vibration.

You can locate the device on demand at any time active, set up geofences, get text or email alerts, and more!

Tracking devices size is approximently the size of a business card. Making it easy to hide

This waterproof GPS tracker includes 1 YEAR of Unlimited Service, Free Shipping and NO EXPENSIVE MONTHLY FEES & NO CONTRACTS!

Tracking devices are back by the power of Calamp Industries a parent company to Lojack with over 5 million devices and 30 Years of experiance.
RZRTracker w/ Bracket Kit
Bracket kit includes 1 Aluminium bracket made to fit 1ft. of doublesided VHB tape for mounting directly on unit. 1 Heat shrink tube, 3 Self tapping screws, 3 metal rubber washers, 2 zip ties, extra screw for bracket. 2 Ring terminals to fit most bus panels. 3  line holding clamps to help hide/run cable.
Download The RZR-1230 Data sheet
RZRTracker without Bracket Kit
GPS Base unit + 1 year of service - 2 Zip Ties
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Canada $180.00
Canada $195.00
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RZR - 700 series - Weatherproof Trailer Tracker
Trailer GPS tracker features a 6-7 year battery life. The RZR-720 trailer tracking unit comes ready to use. which includes 3-years of service and free shipping.

Trailer GPS tracking unit is a must have to monitor and protect your trailer, heavy equipment, and anything else that does not have a constant power source. The RZR-720 from CalAmp is a cost effective trailer tracking GPS device for managing assets that will be deployed for long periods without maintenance requirements. Its design is optimized for periodic daily location updates, rather than real time tracking. But if the case ever arises, this unit can be set to aggressive mode. Actively tracking your asset.

This GPS tracking device is the best solution for tracking trailers and heavy equipment. Once you purchase you will receive a username and password via email. Shipping is free and there are NO MONTHLY FEES! NO CONTRACTS!
Download The RZR-720 Data sheet
Trailer Tracker
Trailer Tracker + 3 years of service
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RZRTracker w/ Bracket Kit and Trailer Tracker $40.00 Discount
GPS Base unit + 1 year of service  + 1 Trailer Tracker +3 Years of service
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RZR -200 Series- Vehicle Tracker - Not Waterproof
The RZR-200 tracking device unit comes ready to use. which includes 2-years of service and free shipping.

This tracking device is ideal for placing inside a vehicle whether its a classic car, Sports car, Jeeps, etc. This unit was built for Buy Here Pay Here loan finance places. This unit includes 10 geo-fences  and scheduled check-ins. It will record top speeds and has 18 different notification options.

This unit does come with starter relay harness disconnect kit. This unit is on and awake 24/7

The unit does not do "cookie" trails. It will send a once daily scheduled check-in. The user can request manual locates as often as they feel like.

This GPS tracking device is the best solution for Cars, Heavy Equipment, Teenagers, Buy Here Pay Here, Equipment that will not be water submerged. Once you purchase you will receive a username and password via email. Shipping is free and there are NO MONTHLY FEES! NO CONTRACTS!
RZR - 200 Series
200 Series + 2 years of service
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Gorilla Compact UTV Alarm
Our new Compact UTV Alarm offers great value and protection!

This unit offers 3 distinct sensors for protection!  First is the 2 Stage Shock Sensor with 7 distinct level of senesitivity! Next we have the Voltage Sensor that can trigger with power flucations from power drops or ignition starts. Tilt and Motion Alerts with its internal digital sensor!

We offer a 2-Way Pager kit with extended range remote that vibrates and sounds to notify you if an alarm is triggered from up to 1/2 mile!

We couple this unit with a 2 Year warranty on manufacturer defects and craftsmanship.

Gorilla Compact UTV Alarm
kit 9000 - No Pager
Gorilla Compact UTV Alarm
Kit 9100 - 2 Way Pager Included
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Steering Column Hub
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Universal Quick Release Steering wheel mount
A steering column hub & universal quick release steering wheel mount  with wheel shown. You will need both hub and quicker released with a steering wheel - Note Color In PayPal order or Email US
Assault Industries 350R Suede Steering Wheel (Universal) (Black, Red, Blue Insert)
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Assault Industries Ballistic "D" V2 Steering Wheel (Universal) (White, Gray, Red, Blue Insert)
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The quick release steering wheel  kit will move the wheel 2-3" closer to you as well.
Assault Industries 350R Leather Steering Wheel (Universal) (Black, Red, Blue Insert Available)
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Insurance - Check with your local agent for discounted rates
Call you local insurance agent to check with them if they offer a discount for anti-theft devices. Many of our customers have told us they have saved 20% and more by adding a tracking device. Over the course of a few years those discounts will pay for the cost of your tracking device and its service!

Real time tracking
SkySmart - Android
Our trackers can be updated every 30 seconds with locate now and an active device. Let us help find your item if it's lost or stolen.

After Purchase

Renewal of Service - 1 year and 2 year options

After your purchase is complete we will send you and email with all your important login information. Upon login you will be prompted to change the password.

If you should have any problems please don't hesitate to call, email or message us on facebook @RZRTracker
The price for 1 year of service is $20.00. Purchase 2 years of service for $40.00.  We will send you and email reminder of 3 days prior to the cancellation of service. You can add a year of service at any time.
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